Your Kingdom Come… in Belgrave South?

When Jesus taught the disciples to pray in what we call ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, he said to them – amongst other things – to pray for ‘Your kingdom to come’ with the phrase attached ‘…on earth as it is in heaven’. (The ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ should be attached to “Hallowed be Your Name’ & ‘Your kingdom come’ as well as ‘Your will be done’)

So, in effect, Jesus is calling us to ask his Father for his kingdom to come in Belgrave South as that is part of the earth! It is, of course, true for each suburb we might live in and our wider region.

So how would we know if God had answered that prayer? How would we recognise it if the kingdom had come? More Christians? More kindness? More justice? Less greed? Less corruption? Less violence? Keep praying!

Mark Wilkinson
Interim Pastor