15 into 4

At last Sunday’s members meeting, I announced that I would be finishing at BSBC in the middle of January to take up a position at the Baptist Union of Victoria in the Church Health team. I greatly enjoyed worked in exactly the same role earlier this year on a 10-week contract not dreaming that the position would become available permanently! It is perfect for my family giving them the stability and presence that they would love.

I must say however that I am saddened that what I expected to be for 15 months will only be for 4 months as I have really enjoyed working with you. A number of people said on Sunday that “we need to trust God in this” and they are correct. When Jesus builds his church, there are always many apprentices who serve for different seasons; some longer and some shorter. I firmly believe God has great things ahead for BSBC.

Mark Wilkinson
Interim Pastor